Master Upholsterer Arthur Gaudreau

Master Upholsterer Arthur Gaudreau was the owner and master upholsterer at Hingham Upholstery in Hingham, MA. Arthur and his wife Dorothy and three kids lived in an apartment above the upholstery shop. Most weekends, Arthur and the family, would go to their second home in Pelham, NH. Eventually Arthur sold the Pelham home, Hingham Upholstery and  retired to Lubec, Maine. The house behind the monument was the Gaudreau’s

I was an upholstery apprentice for Arthur at Hingham Upholstery in the early 1970s. I regretfully lost track of Arthur and Dorothy once they moved to Maine. If anyone reading this blog has any information about Arthur and Dorothy Gaudreau and their children I would love to hear from you. 

Home of Arthur & Dorothy Gaudreau in Lubec, Maine
Home of Arthur & Dorothy Gaudreau in Lubec, Maine

One time home of Arthur and Dorothy Gaudreau in Lubec, Maine. Main Street birdseye view, Lubec, ca. 1905. Click the photo for more information. Photo contributed by Lubec Historical Society.


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