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  1. Hi Joe,
    A client wants to add foam to a curvature chair and to keep the thin look. I am thinking 1″ foam on seat and change to 1/2″ for back where the chair folded. Do you think i can achieve the thin look with 1″ foam ? or should I use 1/2″ on the whole chair?
    Secondly, because of the sharp curve from seat to back, can I use one piece of fabric or should i create a seam where the chair is curled? Can I work with non-stretchy fabric to achieve the curvature look?
    My vision is to use one piece of fabric in front but hesitant because not sure if I can get rid of wrinkle where the chair is curved. I plan to use piping and pli grip for closing in the back. what do you think?
    thank you very much.
    here is the link to my pictures


  2. Hi Joe,
    Im so glad to get to talk to you again. Took me awhile to figure out how to reach you as I am little confused on how to use your blog. I did send you an email but I supposed the info should be shared in your forum. As per our last email about unstable seat, you recommend to use edge roll 1 1/4″
    the type of spring in the chair is actually coil springs. Do you still think that adding edge roll will help offset the crown and resolve the unstable problem?

    Do you think that the density and firmness of foam causing the bouncy feel?- foam too firm? I did not make any change of springs only changed the foam. I wonder why client did not have a bouncy feel, or feel the crown before, only feel lumpy seat from bonded foam when he took the chair in Changing foam to HD should not create more problem. Enclosed pictures when I first stripped the chair. I forgot to mention that I use 2″ foam Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much.

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